Herpes Et Clou De Girofle

Nail contains a significant amount of oil Esssentielle (15-20%) and 16% water, tannins, a little starch and cellulosic fibres. The stalk of the flower (claw): 5-6% oil and leaves: 3-4%. (From the distillation) Clove oil is very rich in Eugenol (70-85%). There are also other terpene compounds (see Glossary) (environ 10% not Caryophyllene), aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic compounds. Clove oil is a potent inhibitor of platelet aggregation (see Glossary) (c ' est donc an Antiinflammatoire); It's rejuvenating local anesthesia also a powerful antiseptic and pesticides (Gale), tonic and uterine tract,. A central nervous system is a sedative. These properties are essentially because of Eugenol is known, which is quickly metabolised and excreted is not carcinogenic. You can be present in the food up to a concentration of 1500 ppm. Clove is widely used as a spice; It occurs in the composition of the Curry, aromatic sauces, meat and sweets. In Indonesia, the tobacco blend (60% tobacco, 40% cloves) in the domestic Kretek cigarettes. Chewed all over the world are to avoid to improve breathing and dental infections. Dressing (Eugenate) herpes et clou de girofle were used for a long time, Eugenol and Eugenol from dentists in ductal and -provisional postmark of the medication, but since other more powerful products have been replaced. Aromatherapy oil of clove is alone or in combination antibacterial, including infections of the urinary tract (bladder infection, kidney stones) and the digestive system (colitis);For example, 1 g of nails in 125 ml of alcohol of 60 degrees, 30-50 drops daily. Nails pesticides used to treat minor injuries, are pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial: gingivitis, toothache, Angina Pectoris. In Asia and in many tropical countries toothache quietly apply a nail ground painful tooth or cotton wool soaked in oil of cloves. Two other trees in the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae) may be interested in medicine herbs. India wood PIMENTA RACEMOSA, the Antilles, native. PIMENTA DIOICA in the Caribbean and Central America, the spices. Wood in India, which leaves in the presence of Ron, be distilled calls the Bay rum, it is used a soothing, antiseptic primarily in perfumery. India wood is also a Spice (seafood). the infusion of the leaves is digestive, carminative and calming. Speziatutti, combine the flavors of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, has mainly food but this stimulating digestive and soothing properties. The extracted oil is used in perfumery. Essential oils from these two plants contain a large amount of Eugenol (80% s. dioica, 50% for p. racemosa) and other compounds: derivatives, Octenol, Cineol, giving them their aromatic feature, so you can use it to same specifications as the nail. Abstract of an aromatic clove, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, dried flower buds of a tree in Indonesia. It contains many useful essential oils against many infections: urinary, digestive, skin. It contains a powerful antiseptic, but can also be used to relieve toothache. Always you remember to keep your teeth if you have sensitive teeth etc,.